Digital Services for Homes and Small Businesses

We can help you to keep your digital life in check. As a consultancy with 10+ years of experience in computer security and data protection, we bring you a unique and well-founded peace of mind.

Repair & Protection

We harness our 10+ years of computer security expertise to offer a simple and dependable computer repair and protection service against viruses, malware, and data theft. We offer on-site software repair and protection services, and off-site hardware repair services.

Installation & Configuration

Worried about losing your photos? Want to print documents from any device in your house? From software to hardware, network to CCTV, we have the relevant experience to suit your needs.


Your computer may have the best protection software on the market, and still become infected. Safe browsing begins with understanding the threats. We offer personal tuition for individuals or families wishing to go the extra mile to protect themselves.

Areas covered:
BN1, BN2, BN3, BN15, BN41, BN42, BN43

Prices from £50/hour, excluding parts/licenses. No fix, no fee. Minimum charge is 1 hour.

Cyberspace Watch

As part of our commitment to helping families stay safe online, we're proud to announce the launch of our blog. Amongst other content, we'll be using the blog to publish our weekly Cyberspace Watch newsletter. This quick-read newsletter will contain articles and anecdotes for anyone wanting to stay safe online. We'll announce new blog content through social media, so don't forget to follow us! (links at the top of this page).

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Services for SMEs

With a background in Enterprise-class software development within the Data Protection industry, we have extensive experience in various roles of the product lifecycle, and are able to offer consultancy and contractor services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Note however that due to commitments to our consumer business, we can only commit to part-time contracts.

Struggling to achieve Agility?

We offer straight-talking, no-nonsense consultancy for real teams with real questions. With first-hand experience in tackling the hardest parts of Agile adoption in software houses, we can help you to identify and tackle the issues that matter the most.

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We develop JIRA plugins to make our own workflows easier. Some of these plugins will end up on the Atlassian Marketplace, so that others may benefit from them. We are also able to offer bespoke plugin development. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Freelance Work

Part-time contractor work is offered to the right customer. With over 10 years experience working on first-in-class data protection suites as a Senior Software Engineer, we may be a perfect fit for your requirements. We also offer 3 years of active Product Owner experience for projects that need a fresh injection of collaboration and energy.

About Us

MiniTweaks Ltd is founded by Tim Schooley and his fiancée, Gosia.

Tim has a first-class MSci in Computer Science from University College London, and has worked within R&D teams for the last 10 years, namely with SafeBoot, McAfee and Intel. During the last year travelling with Gosia, he has grown an appreciation for a more flexible lifestyle, and has subsequently started MiniTweaks as a contractor/consultancy micro-business.

As a former Product Owner for enterprise-class data protection software, Tim has a solid background of business analysis and requirements gathering, alongside presentation of strategy and delivered work. Tim takes a collaborative approach to user story definition, and firmly supports full-team engagement and ownership. Tim has also been the architect, implementer, and driving force behind collaborative workflows that have led to positive and effective changes in engineering practices across entire business divisions.

As a former Senior Software Engineer, Tim has substantial experience designing, implementing, testing, debugging and optimizing components for challenging software, from high-performance back-end database systems through to block-device kernel drivers, across a range of platforms including Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and UEFI.

On a personal level, Tim enjoys photography, travelling, Crossfit, riding motorcycles on race tracks, toying with Arduinos, Kerbal Space Program, cheering on SpaceX, and quality family time.

Gosia plays a supportive role in MiniTweaks, helping with administration and logistics. She is also a Health Care Assistant within the NHS.